Support for development

Friends of Kabondo is a Swedish non-profit organization aiming at conducting developmental projects in the village of Kabondo in Western Kenya. The background is that we who started the organization earlier on participated in and followed the build-up of a school for orphans, St. Christine School. We are very eager to support the students when they go on with their lives after having finished school in grade eight. They are heading towards their adult lives and school has meant a lot to them, among other things because they got two meals a day. When they leave it, many of them head towards an uncertain future. The majority of them won’t be able to go on studying and in the village there is little possibility of supporting themselves. Something must happen in order to create the foundation for a better future! Kabondo is very densely populated, and more than half the population live in poverty, most of them being small-scale farmers. The area is badly struck by hiv/aids and malaria, and also by water-carried diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera. The farming methods need to be developed, a majority live in simple mud houses. An extensive use of fuel wood has led to a devastation of the forest. The access of water for private use as well as for farming is a major problem, another problem is the almost entire lack of enterprises that would bring an income.
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Throughout our visits in the village and our frequent meetings with the villagers we have seen that there is an enormous potential for develop-ment, but also a great need for financial aid as well as knowledge to start the process. There is also a great need for help in the struggle to fight hiv/aids, both of which is one of the reasons for the dire circumstances under which many live. Through Friends of Kabondo we want to work long-term to better the soc-ial and economic conditions for the villagers, among them the orphans.

Our Ideology

Our ideology is to work through local organizations (CBO) and to found our work on a thorough knowledge of the conditions in the area. We know that in order to succeed it is important that the ideas of the project arise in a dialogue with the local population and that they will be responsible for carrying them out. Our aim is that the projects we launch will be indepen-dent in the long run and that Kabondo will be a better place to live in throughout your life. We are religiously and politically non-committed and we strive to work in a way that will be guided by democracy and transparency. All work within the organization is non-paid and we are eager to have the lowest administration cost possible.
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