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Cyber and Computer installation - Report

2013-09-21, 08:15:37   (skrivet av Bo Oscarsson)

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CBO VISION: To have a healthy and food secured community.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Organisation development and management, access to information and technology, political awareness and advocacy in Kabondo.

Project goals To ensure that the we create an informed community on issues related to health, political awareness and advocacy and agribusiness in Kabondo

To create dependency to KAROPA CBO by promoting Income Generating Activity through the internet and computer education services offered to the community


Recovering of Windows Operating systems from 7 computers these computers had lost their OS from the transportation from Nairobi to Kabondo and password lock in the computers. These computers also underwent installation of Office 2007 Enterprise they did not have since they were being used for cyber related activities in Nairobi.

The computers were installed with Cyber Café Pro Server and Client this will be used to control and charge those who will be using the internet in the cyber as a means of generating income to the projects and a means of sustaining the projects in long run.

The technician also did networking to the computers to the main server computer and the other computers as well to the printers.

The main copier, printer cum scanner was also repaired.



By the end of the repair and installation work we managed to have eight working computers all connected together in the network. The two big and small printers are both in good working condition and connected to the network.

The whole system is well protected by the surge power protection circuit sockets this will protect the computers from overflow currents that might damage the machines.

Not achieved.

Faster network solutions will still be a headache to the success running of the cyber when everyone is in need of the internet services at the same time this is because at Othoro we still cannot access the 3G internet but just the EDGE internet which is slow in data transmission.

We still believe that in future the Orange Telkom will be able to provide us with internet via fiber optic cable passing underground just a few meters at the entrance to the office of Karopa.

The LG scanner mouse is quite a nice device but lack VG computer with a wide RAM that can enable it work effectively we hope we’ll use well should we get a machine with

The copier will need its developer replaced as soon as possible as the currently used has gone down thus not giving a good quality print.


We believe the project will help improve the information technology literacy in the community and provide a hub of information power house in the whole village; it will as well help generate income through the fees charged on the internet use.

The entire KAROPA Intergrated CBO members are grateful to the support so far shown by the FRIENDS OF KABONDO NGO in helping the CBO realize it dreams. Karopa is looking forward in achieving a lot with the FRIENDS of KABONDO in meeting their vision as described in its constitution. THANKS FOK.


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…………………………………………. 2013-09-20 Kabondo Kenya.


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(Chairman) (Chairman)

Friends of Kabondo-FoK NGO Kakangutu-RongoPala-KAROPA CBO

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