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Kvartalsrapport från TAK-projektet

2017-04-03, 19:46:50   (skrivet av Margareta Halfvarson)

Time To Act Kabondo Quarterly Report

Month: January - March 2016( 3rd Quarter)

Reporter: Project Manager

The  Time to Act Kabondo/TAK has reached the 3rd quarter of its first year project cycle. During this cycle our participants have been taken through the topics that includes HIV/AIDS where they were taught how the virus enter the body and its effects. They were also taken through Sex and Sex education where they learnt the meaning of sex and the importance of sex eduaction.Last but not least the participants were also taken through Child Abuse: Types of child abuse, causes of child abuse and effects. During this quarter the the trainers have realized more participatory discussion from the participants with some of them asking more questions related to sexaulialty in order to understand indepth of the topics. To highlight of the question raised by one participant.’’Can a person living with HIV infect an animal through sex?’’ This question may sound weird in certain world  but in Kenya we have heard of many stories of people having sex with ainimals like donkeys,goats etc.

Sub- goal two of the Goal and Risk matrix was also intoduced in the six schools that we partner with, Sub goal two has got the component of agroforestry and poultry keeping.We contracted agricultural expert who trained our participants on these activities. The participants were later given seeds to plant in their gardens, these seeds inludes Spinach,Corriander,cow peas, ’Osuga’, kales. The participants were also given 5 chicken per school and chicken feeds to feed the chicken for  at least a month as they organize how to take care of the chicken to the point when the poultry shall begin to produce eggs that can be sold for the sustainability of the project.The Sub goal two projects are income generating activities for the participants and to ensure sustainability of the TAK project to the unseen future of HIV creation awarness since it will form part of the stories to be told by participants and the general popultaion of the six schools making the awareness to reach the larger society. We also noticed that with introduction of the agroforestry to the participants, many other pupils who were not in the programe flocked our HIV/AIDS disscusions prompting the trainers to make restrictions as a group of sixteen grew to over twenty participants at times. Our trainers realized this whenever they collected participants attandance list the names on the form would be more than the usaul number that used to sign the list.


As always all cannot be good one of our participant from Kango School dropped out from the programe without a clear reason the patron and the trainer investigated him for long but the young boy just replied that he lost interest in the programe.  A further investigation will be conducted for us to ensure that he did not get offended by our trainer, activities in the programe or any other problem that is TAK related. March being the month of many co-curriculum activities some of our trainers found it tough having the session’s full time as it is allocated in our time-table since the participants are engaged in those activities which includes,Drama and Music, ball  games and other activities that require full participation of the school pupils.


The last quarter of the TAK programe begins April and shall end June 2017 where we expect a graduation of atleast 85% of the Time to Act Kabondo Ambassodars from the 96 participants from the six schools. We also expect that the good news on the HIV/AIDS awareness creation will reach many young youths and their faimlies. During this quarter there shall be more voluntary counselling and testing of the participants and the families to the participants this is done at this particular quarter since all the topics of learning shall have been covered thus participants are believed to have gained more knowledge on HIV/AIDS related issues, they are belived to have gained alot on their rights, studied their sexuality and issues that deal with cultural beliefs and gender and equality. There shall be home visits to the families where the participants come from. In the homes of the participants the family members shall also be counselled before tested.

We are also glad that TAK has officially signed a two year agreement  2016- 2018 to work with KELIN(Kelin Ethical and Legal Issues Network on HIV/AIDS) on their prorgam on reproduction health eduaction among the adolescent and young women.Karopa CBO and TAK shall help in the formation of 200 participants to be in KELIN programe where there shall be capacity building,trainings on health and distribution of sanitary towels to the participants. It is a big opportunity to the ladies already in the TAK programe as they will be able to receive sanitary towels which we at the TAK programe could not provide due to our little budget. The KELIN prorgram shall be integrated into the TAK programe without interfearing with the main goals of the TAK. Another partner JAM(Justice and Mercy) and AMREF are also in the final stage to sign a greement to partner with Karopa CBO these shows that TAK is gaining a lot of progress in Kabondo and Beyond.


We welcome anybody who will be able to read this report to attend our first TAK ambassadors graduation which shall take place in June  on a date to be communicated. Welcome! Welcome all!




Prepared by James Ojwang

Project Manager




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