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KAROPA CBO - Report February 2014

2014-02-13, 17:55:28   (skrivet av Bo Oscarsson)

Were are in the second month of the year, being one of the dry months of the year and generally it is one of the most difficulty period among the many households in Kenya this is due to a lot of spending on activities i.e. back to school for the students and pupils and admission of new students to high school, college and new schools transfers. Again to the farmers and since everyone around practice farming as a means of livelihood a lot of costs has gone on farm preparation thus most of the community in this area regards this month and the subsequent two months as the most difficult months.

We at Karopa we’re not left out being a dry month our tree nursery is faced with serious water shortage forcing us to use more resources to keep the many trees approximately over 10.000 trees alive. We have to hire labour to get water from the river to water the many trees, we as a CBO we therefore think we should find good solutions of getting reliable water for use by the community at large.

During this time Karopa will plant beans as one of the income generating activities and will form part of a demonstration project as one of the pillars in the log frame of Karopa ‘Agribusiness ‘. So the members of the community will learn on the best farming practices regarding beans farming. Karopa CBO will also use beans to teach the community on nutrition values especially for those living with HIV/AIDS. We also advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness in the community so whenever the members will be meeting in the beans gardening we’ll use the forum to teach the society on the problems surrounding the deadly disease.

Lastly our CBO Karopa will relocate our office from the current building to another more spacious building with an open space in its surrounding. In the new office location we intend to build a small roofed meeting hall with a capacity of 50-80 people this facility will be used by the community for the meetings. The CBO will also use it for the trainings and workshops. We have noticed that the community lacks meeting halls and there is a necessity within the center with many officers namely administration officers i.e of office of the chief, office of the County Administrator, Ward Rep. offices among many others full of workshops, meetings and trainings several days a week. Within the space the CBO think tank also has the idea of establishing a small green house to teach the community on horticulture farming and kitchen garden farming. Ideas on acquisitions of these mentioned projects will be appreciated.


Report by prepared.


Karopa Coordinator/Administrator.

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