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Karopa CBO message to the A G Meeting of FOK

2015-04-30, 08:58:07   (skrivet av Margareta Halfvarson)

Karopa CBO message to the Annual General Meeting of FOK

One year has passed since you had your previous annual general meeting, since then a lot has taken place through our good corporation (FOK and Karopa). Today we stand tall among the Community Based Organizations operating in Homa - Bay County and more so Kabondo -Kasipul Sub County. Karopa has earned its good image through the ever growing strong relationship with Friends of Kabondo NGO.

Just to mention some of the projects that has been successful for the past one year;


Just as it appears in our log frame agribusiness is one of the major components in the objectives of Karopa and the community living in Kabondo. Through the resource mobilization by FOK Karopa managed to lease a one acre land to be used in practicing new agribusiness skills to educate its members and the community at large on the modern farming techniques. Last year 2014 we managed to harvest about 300 kilograms of beans and approximately 280 Kilograms of Maize/corns these were sold by the CBO to the members who were willing to purchase them. Just as much as the farm is used in teaching the members about farming ideas it is as well form part of an Income Generating Activities. This season the group wished to try a hand in planting orange flesh sweet potatoes which is being promoted by Nyapalo SweetPotato Cooperative. The major setback is the cost of seeds which is too high at the moment due to the long drought that befell the country. The proceeds we got from the sales from Maize and beans were used in the tree nursery project digging a bore hole and few left funds used in the preparation of the agribusiness field. The CBO is considering planting maize once more as we may not be able to afford planting the Orange Flesh Sweetpotato seeds/vines due to the high cost from the few farmers stocking them at the moment.

EcoSan Toilet.

Through the big support from Swedish Society of Kenya through Friends of Kabondo , Karopa CBO managed to built a UDDT at the back of Karopa office replacing a filthy Pit hole latrine. Friends of Kabondo through its strong board managed to apply for a fund from the SSK and even supplemented the budget by chipping in more resources to ensure the toilet project was completed as was required. Karopa CBO cannot also forget about the individual support from Birgitta who made the drawings and Sven Noren who donated the squatting plates when they were dearly needed. Thanks a lot to you!

It is also with big pleasure that another EcoSan toilet is standing at the market center of Othoro as a result of a donation from Sven Noren. This toilet will be used by the public visiting the open air market and those living in at Othoro market. All the work for building the toilets is completed and a trainer on how to use the toilet and its products i.e. Urine and Dry human wastes has been identified to be invited to conduct training to the whole community.

The urine and the dry human wastes if embraced by the community then it will replace the use of chemical fertilizers which has destroyed most of our farms. The fertilizers to be generated from the toilet will also be sold to the farmers at affordable prices so as to generate income to Karopa CBO. The training will also target many people leaving in Kabondo to build such toilets at their homes to prevent pollution of soil and underground waters with the pit latrines.

If the community approves the toilet then more of such toilets will be required in the institutions and other public places thus more resource mobilization will be needed to construct such facilities. We as Karopa will appreciate any support towards achieving the dreams of safe environment.

Ologi Spring Protection

A big THANKS goes to FOK through Karopa from the community living at the foot of Rori hill as a result of the clean and safe water they get from the protected Ologi Spring. FOK did a wonderful job applying for funds used for the spring protection from Water4All that has made the people smile with joy. Today the ladies fetching water at the Ologi Springs takes a few minutes at the water point collecting water since they get readily flowing water from the taps.

More of such springs need to be protected in this side of the country and since we ever did protect Ologi we’ve been receiving a lot of requests from the community wishing their springs get protected. We hope that we may be lucky another time to get more funds to protect more springs. We also wish that we may get more clean and safe water near to the families.

Office Establishment

Karopa CBO wishes to thank FOK for the support they so far have achieved to ensure that Karopa has a fully running office. The CBO appreciates the support with the office furniture and ICT equipment. To date through the support of FOK, Karopa CBO has employed three people this helps in making work easier at the office and for the protection of the CBO facilities.

HIVAIDS awareness.

HIV prevalence is a big menace in Kenya especially in Homa Bay County which leads other 46 counties. During the last year we did a lot of campaign awareness but we ran out of resources. We are very optimistic that we will have good resources to run this program once again, we’re very glad that a team of FOK members have successfully managed to get resources for the Pre-Study in preparations for the major application from Forum Syd to follow later. We do also appreciate the time we spent with Ingrid on Pre-Pre-Study just a few months ago.

We’re looking forward to receiving the team that will come in July for two weeks Pre-Study, we are prepared to make it work out well and we believe that together we will succeed in achieving the goals that we set in our pillar of log-frame.

Tree Nursery

Little success has come out of this program due to persistent draughts that normally come whenever we have seedling in the beds, we had also got trees species that could not be sold to the community but were distributed for free to the farmers so no income was generated for the sustainability of the project.

We’ve now considered digging another borehole next to the tree nursery; the new borehole should be deep enough to provide enough water even during the draught. At the moment the project is faced with a challenge of labour to work in the site as we normally depend on members to work in the tree nursery site. Today the members are busy in their fields or farms tending to their maize and beans plantation.

The project got a lot of seeds early this year that we think should not go into waste anymore, we therefore insist to put proper plans to ensure the program succeeds and becomes sustainable.

Re-Usable Sanitary towels.

A new project to help ladies cut down the cost on sanitary towels has been launched through the support of Sven Noren. The leaders (Mercy, Linet and Paul) to be in charge of the project got training from the supplier (African trust). The project has also got 100 pieces of the towels to start promotion and sale and for every piece sold Karopa will make a profit of KES 25 thus generating income to the CBO.

Mercy will be visiting women groups and schools convincing them to buy the product to cut the cost on disposable sanitary towels.


Karopa membership will be celebrating with FOK her birthday and wishes for a wonderful annual general meeting for each and every member of our partner SVEO.


Message from Karopa CBO

James Ojwang

Coordinator-Karopa CBO.


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